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Learn to help yourself through body, mind,
emotions and spirit.

Visualisation for cancer patients

We create our own reality. Our point of power is in the present. These two tenets are the basis for the most effective self-therapy of all; visualisation.

We all possess an image making faculty, which we use to make things, and to take us on to the next stage in our lives, whether we use it consciously or not. We can use visualisations to assist our immune system's fight against disease and to aid the healing process. Visualisations can also relax tense areas of our body and direct energy to areas that are low.

It is a skill, like any other, that can be learned, and is not much different from that used by say a world champion golfer. The process starts with an intention. Usually in this context it is 'I am sick of being sick!' and then 'I am going to get well and make the most of life'.


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