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Registered Charity No. 516775 | Established 1983

Learn to help yourself through body, mind,
emotions and spirit.

Meditation for cancer patients

Like relaxation, meditation is a way of settling the mind, but it takes a further step by enhancing the capacity for awareness.

It can be either closed down or widened, so that the mind is free from conscious control. It is a way of quietening, a switching off from disturbing thoughts and worries that can be a source of stress. Meditation can be a new experience to help your spirit grow, blossom and receive new strength. Whatever beliefs are held can, through meditation, be a resource to help still and calm the mind and body.


Dorothy Hindley Dorothy Hindley
Dr Liz Newson Dr Liz Newson
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We meet in Preston on the 2nd Saturday of every month in the Ribblebank Resource Centre.
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