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Food and Nutrition information for cancer patients

The approach towards eating that we advocate at the Gentle Approach is one of ‘Eating for Health’. One major consideration is that your eating is not in any way a stress to you. So if you decide to make any changes, do so gently, exploring and enjoying the changes rather than feeling pressurised to make them. We are all unique individuals and our nutritional needs are different.

Eat a wide range of fruit and vegetables in a rainbow of colours to ensure a wide range of nutrients. If possible choose in season, locally grown ones. Aim to have 8 to 10 portions per day (at least 5 of vegetables and 3 of fruit). Include in your diet whole grain foods, nuts, seeds and oils. Buy organic produce, depending on budget and availability, as these will limit contact with potentially harmful chemicals. In some cases the food can be eaten raw which preserves nutrients. Many fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices contain known anti-cancer agents.

Your first session at the Gentle Approach will discuss this approach further and in addition our Newsletter has frequent articles on the therapeutic effects of particular foods. We will also advise on the foods to avoid or minimise.



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