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Breathing techniques for cancer patients

Each of our cells needs to breathe, feed, excrete waste products and, with exceptions, reproduce. Oxygen is needed for our cells to function correctly.

This oxygen, inhaled into our lungs, needs to reach the 'outposts' of the lung tissue, taken into the blood to be carried to all the organs, muscles and tissues in the body. At the same time carbon dioxide is released from the blood into the lungs to be exhaled. Shallow breathing with little lung expansion does not allow this vital exchange to take place properly. Deep, complete, well controlled breaths can allow the air to enter the inmost recesses of the lungs and are more effective. Breathing is an automatic function of our bodies, but one over which we can acquire some control through breathing exercises. This awareness and control can be used to aid relaxation and meditation, and help to release stress and tension. It can make one calm and gentle in one's own approach, and able to meet frustrations and stress in a controlled and dignified way.


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