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Bach Flower Remedies

These remedies consist of just pure spring water containing the energy from the flowers that have been soaked in this water. These remedies are therefore completely safe.

Dr. Bach was a Harley Street physician in the 1930s. He believed that health came from the harmony of mind, body and spirit but that negative things happen to us in life which upset the balance, such as shock, anxiety, illness, exhaustion, heartbreak, grief, fear and hopelessness.

We all have a positive and negative side to our personalities, and in illness, shock and other distresses, the negative side can take over. The purpose of the Bach remedies is to wash away the overriding negatives and restore the balance.

An example is Rescue Remedy which is invaluable in accidents, shock, nervous upsets, examination nerves, headaches, and also in easing the side effects of inoculations.

There is also a mixture of remedies for helping to prevent the side effects of radiation when undergoing radio therapy.


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