A truly holistic approach to the treatment of cancer

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Registered Charity No. 516775 | Established 1983

Learn to help yourself through body, mind,
emotions and spirit.

The Gentle Approach to Cancer Holistic Philosophy

Welcome to the Gentle Approach to Cancer. At our support centre we offer a truly holistic approach to the treatment of cancer. We believe that the whole person must be taken into account in responding to a diagnosis of cancer.

The support we offer is complementary to orthodox treatment of cancer and is not an alternative.

This was pioneered in Britain by the Bristol Cancer Help Centre now renamed Penny Brohn UK

Everyone has physical, mental and spiritual aspects to their lives and health depends on well-being in all of these areas, as well as harmony between them and the environment in which we live. We try to guide, assist and support you in becoming aware of yourself as a 'whole' person, and we place such tools as are available into your hands to help your body heal. We also help you to look at your own needs and to value time spent doing things that make your heart sing.

You will meet other cancer patients and this can be very positive and empowering, being able to share experiences with other people in the same position.

We advise you about the therapeutic properties of vegetables and fruit and the preparation of appetising healthy vegan meals.

You will be able to learn about and experience a range of complementary therapies. Regular use of some of these therapies can help you to build up your body, control stress and strengthen your immune system.

Stress can be controlled in a number of ways, and we will introduce you to the arts of relaxation, visualisation and meditation. Massage, reflexology and spiritual healing all contribute to physical and mental well-being.

Above all, our gentle and holistic approach allows hope to develop, which in itself is therapeutic.

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We meet in Preston on the 2nd Saturday of every month in the Ribblebank Resource Centre.
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