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Preventatives and Curatives

Preventatives and


The philosophy of ‘The Gentle Approach to Cancer’ is that we always recommend that cancer patients should undergo orthodox medical treatment and use our approaches to back that up.

There are many anti-cancer agents in food but these are inevitably more effective as preventatives rather than as curatives. 

The reason for this is that the anti-cancer chemicals in food are in low concentrations and when a new cancer starts there are relatively few cancer cells to be dealt with and the anti-cancer chemicals in certain foods may be effective.. 

When a cancer is established there are millions of cancer cells needing to be destroyed and the cancer treatments of modern medicine, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are necessary. 

After such treatment the anti-cancer foods should then be consumed again.

There are several stages in the development of cancer but the wide range of different anti-cancer chemicals in foods may act at different stages in this development process.

 So eating a wide range of fruit and vegetables in a rainbow of colours is the surest way of getting that wide range of anti-cancer chemicals that can tackle the cancer at different stages of development.

  After orthodox treatment the same strategy should be adopted in case any cancer cells still exist.

The statement ‘a wide range of colours’ is because it is often the chemicals causing the colours that have the ant-cancer properties.  See the article on our webpages entitled “The Colours of Food Matter”.

Colin Sutherland 

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