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Food Supplements - A word of caution

Articles in this Newsletter over the last 12 years have highlighted the anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties of many foods, e.g. Green Tea, Turmeric and Ginger. These properties have been recognised commercially and the particular beneficial chemicals have been extracted, produced in tablet form and sold.

Just because something is “natural” doesn’t make it safe.  Food extracts need to be treated in the same way as a drug, i.e. do not overdose and beware of side effects.

Suppliers of food extracts normally put a dosage on the pack and it is sensible to not exceed that dose.

To give you an example one tablet of Green Tea extract from an internet supplier in this country contains the same quantity of the active ingredient as you would get from drinking 5 cups of green tea.  You would be over dosing to have more than one.

These supplements should also only be taken after a meal and not on an empty stomach

Colin Sutherland

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