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Dorothy Hindley whose 80th Bithday was this week started the Preston Group of the Gentle Approach to Cancer in the late 1980s 26 years ago.  AND she is still with us as a therapist and teacher.

Dorothy, a former nurse and a trained reflexologist, became a helper in the kitchen and then  a therapist in Heysham where the Gentle Approach had started in the North  West

Dorothy started the group in Preston by recruiting a small group of helpers from her friends and some also came to help from the Heysham Group.

In the last 26 years 1000s of cancer patients and their supporters have attended Preston.

Barbara Moran, a patient at Preston and her partner Phil were so inspired they set up another group in Blackpool called Cancervive where hundreds more patients and supporters attended.

It’s not just the patients and their supporters who have benefited.  The lives of therapists and helpers have been enriched.  Speaking personally just experiencing the love and fellowship shown when I first came and experienced the wholistc approach was for me quite life changing and I also eat a very different diet now.

Dorothy – we all owe you a great debt.  There was no cancer support group in the area in 1989 when you started the Gentle Approach here.  In fact in 1993 when you recruited me as a therapist my first patient had come from Sheffield because there were no support groups where she lived.

So – Thank You Dorothy you are one of those people who have really made a difference.

Colin Sutherland  

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