- Are You Eating Your Curries?

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Are You Eating Your Curries?

Are You Eating Curries? 

In a previous Newsletter we had an article entitled “Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food” which was a quote from Hippocrates.  In fact many vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs have been shown to have anti-cancer properties Among these are Turmeric and Ginger both of which are ingredients of Indian curries and members of the same plant family. The active anti-cancer ingredients Curcumin and Gingerol are chemically similar.  T

he anti-cancer properties have been demonstrated in experiments in which cancer cells are grown in tissue culture while being treated with curcumin or gingerol.  Both of these have been shown to inhibit the reproduction of the cancer cells and to cause the death of cancer cells.  They have also been shown to have anti-cancer effects in animal experiments.

In addition they both have anti-inflammatory effects making them useful in disorders like arthritis

 Turmeric is not very soluble in water and in curries is first added in the oil/fat stage.

Recent research has shown other amazing properties. For instance elderly couples who eat curries regularly perform better on cognitive tests than do age matched couples who don’t eat curries

Curcumin from Turmeric has also been shown to protect againstAlzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and is even being proposed as an anti-depressant.

Ginger is a well known anti-sickness treatment and is recommended when suffering from sickness caused by chemotherapy.

 It doesn’t have to be curries I add ginger to all the vegetable stews I make and use it to marinade fish.  With rice I first fry an onion in olive oil then add turmeric then the dry rice so that it is well coated with oil before adding boiling water and cooking until the rice is as you like it.

(These amazing spices are surely a must.  So get eating those curries.

Colin Sutherland June 2015


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