- Use Your Imagination to Stay in Control

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Use Your Imagination to Stay in Control

In the April Newsletter we talked about the poem “Look to this day” and how it could be used along with your own priming words to prepare yourself to have a good day.

The imagination can also be used to influence how you feel and behave in the day ahead.

To give you an example I have always found it difficult when going abroad to immediately get used to driving on the right hand side of the road.  So on one occasion I used my time on a flight to southern France to imagine driving on the right in a car with the steering wheel and gears etc., all on the left of the car.  I imagined turning left, turning right, going round roundabouts, parking, backing, etc., etc.  I imagined all this while imagining feeling calm, relaxed and confident.

And it worked.  When I got in the hired car and started driving it was as though I had been driving on the right for several days.

This method can be used to prepare for any day ahead, for an interview, for a hospital visit, for  keeping calm when all the family arrive or for just an  ordinary day ahead.  Essentially it enables you to act as you want to act while feeling as you want to feel. 

Just make a few notes of how you want to act and feel. Then find a quiet place, sit comfortably, close your eyes and spend a little time relaxing your muscles.  Then imagine yourself going through the day ahead acting as you want to act while feeling as you want to feel.

 Colin Sutherland May 2015

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