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How to practice self-hypnosis


Start by sitting or lying in a comfortable position with your head supported and your legs and arms uncrossed. If you wear glasses, take them off. Make sure your clothing is not too tight or constricting.


Gently close your eyes and begin to take some breaths a little deeper than normal. Start to establish a steady, slow, slightly deeper rhythm than usual, breathing in to the count of three and then breathing out to the count of three.


When this rhythm is established, think of the 5 breath technique.


Breath 1: Be aware of the muscles in your face, head, jaw and neck starting to let go as you exhale.


Breath 2: Be aware of the muscles in the upper body—the arms and hands, the shoulders, back and chest relaxing on the exhalation. Feel the sensations at the ends of your finger-tips.


Breath 3: Notice the muscles of the lower body—the stomach, hip area, legs and feet letting go of any tension.


Breaths 4 & 5: Let the whole body go. Allow the muscles to soften and really relax as you exhale: think of the tension leaving the body and the muscles becoming light


Now take your mind to a special, peaceful place, where you can really feel relaxed. It may be a room in your own home or a garden or a beach or a place of your imagination.


Go through the senses. Firstly, look around. See colours, shapes, light and shade, patterns and textures. Focus on one aspect for a while. Listen to the sounds of your place, peaceful and relaxing. Breathe in the atmosphere, maybe even the scents and feel the sensations - warmth, comfort, softness, whatever. Think of all these senses combining to give a deep feeling of calmness and relaxation.


Don’t worry if any of this seems hard or even impossible. The very act of focusing on something different helps us to relax, and with practice, it does become easier! Some people find thinking of diminishing numbers effective, or a special word or phrase as in meditation.


5 minutes a day spent this way can help anyone to work and live in a calmer, more effective manner. Try it.


Vicky Brown.


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