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Keeping Up Mindfulness Feb 2015

Keeping up Mindfulness Meditation

I have written an article on Mindfulness Meditation that has appeared about 3 times in the Newsletter over the last 8 years and can still be read on our website (just click on Newsletter Articles on the top right hand side of any page). 

BUT I have to confess that although I have tried mediation many times I have never managed to keep it up.  Also I’m a naturally laid back person who doesn’t suffer from stress or anxiety so what did I need it for?

Then I read Richard Davidson’s Book  - “The Emotional Life of Your Brain”, a brilliant book explaining all the psychological and brain research on Meditation.  I realized then that Mediation could be used for “attention” something that has always been a weakness of mine,

So,  I tried Meditation again but still didn’t keep it up. 


BECAUSE I was introduced by Vicky to Headspace on the internet.


You initially get 10 free sessions which introduce you to different aspects of mindfulness meditation and if you like it you can sign up for a year’s course.  It does cost £60 but for me that has proved well worth while because I’m keeping it up every day. There is, of course, also a psychological factor in paying for something.

Signing up for the year leads to 20 more sessions and then the whole Library of sessions is opened up and you can choose the ones that are most relevant to you.  And there are a lot to choose from Including:

On Health - Stress, Anxiety and Sleep.

On Relationships – Change, Appreciate, Acceptance.

On Performance – Creativity, Focus, Happiness and Balance.

Then there is walking, running, cooking and eating meditations plus a lot more.

Colin Sutherland  February 12, 2015

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