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Unorthodox Therapies

The philosophy of the Gentle Approach to Cancer is essentially one of ‘Holism’. With this holistic model, patients continue with their orthodox treatment for cancer while adopting mental, spiritual and physical strategies which enhance the ability of the body’s immune system to fight back against the cancer.

These strategies include positive thinking, learning techniques of meditation and visualisation, adopting healthy lifestyles and eating strategies, taking vitamin supplements as well as utilising various forms of complementary medicine.

However, a good browse through our bookstall quickly reveals that there are a range of unorthodox treatments for cancer like ESSIAC, shark cartilage and mistletoe (iscador) and also different diet therapies, e.g. Gerson.

In addition there are a range of foods which have been shown to have anti-cancer properties. This can be in terms of preventing cancer occurring or in terms of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of cancer cells or even causing the death of cancer cells. An example of this would be green tea which this newsletter covered in a short article last year but there are many others.

At the Gentle Approach to Cancer we do not specifically advise any patient to adopt any unorthodox therapy but we provide information on them so that you as a patient can make your own decision as to what is right for you. Taking personal responsibility is all part of that holistic approach.

Colin Sutherland December 2001

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