- Everything you need to know to help you beat Cancer

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Everything you need to know to help you beat Cancer

For those newly diagnosed with cancer, the available information can be overwhelming. In his book "Everything you need to know to beat Cancer", Chris Woollams has suceeded in producing an easy to read format of answers to questions on a whole range of topics related to complementary and self-help therapies. At the same time, this book is based on up to date research.

Some of us met Chris at the Conference for Cancer Self-help Groups at Owen’s Park, Manchester last year. He is a biochemist whose daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour two and a half years ago. Following her orthodox treatment, he became her ‘manager’, researching fully into every self-help area he could find and setting up a programme for her to follow. This she did, rigorously and has recently received he fourth all clear. Good news so far!

In the question/answer sections Chris covers the topics of: toxins, environmental carcinogens, lifestyle factors, diet, strengthening the immune system, vitamin supplements, meditation, relaxation and a host of other subjects which are promoted both at the Bristol Clinic and at the Gentle Approach.

As a therapist at the Gentle Approach, I have read the book and spoken to people with cancer who have read it. I highly recommend it, as it brings together everything we believe in at the Gentle Approach. It is informed, practical, down-to-earth and positive and makes you want to try things right now. Chris also gives many useful contact numbers and websites for other organisations. He and Catherine organise a monthly Cancer Help Magazine called ICON (Integrated Cancer & Oncology News (iconmag.co.uk).

There are also useful checklists for those living with cancer and those wanting to avoid cancer. Many of the questions are Catherine’s own. As Chris says "Knowledge is power. And with cancer, knowledge can be the difference between life and death. Moreover the onus for managing the solution and all its elements, lies with you the patient."

This book "Everything you need to know to beat Cancer" by Chris Wollams is published by Bath Press Ltd, ISBN 0-9542968-0-X. Cost £15. His second book is called "The Tree of Life"

Vicky Brown. February 2004

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