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Healing Words

In 2002 we had some workshops called "Healing Words" led by Vicky Brown and Ann Schofield. It clearly struck a cord with many patients and a regular group attending wrote their own healing words some of which appear below.

Hugging Feels good,

Dispels loneliness,
Overcomes fears,
Builds self-esteem,
(Wow! They actually want to hug me!)
Slows down ageing,
Huggers stay younger longer,
Eases tension,
Fights insomnia,
Keeps arms and shoulder muscles
In good condition,
Is ecologically sound,
Does not upset the environment
Is democratic
Anyone is eligible for a hug,
Is portable,
Affirms physical well-being,
Is energy efficient, saves heat,
Makes impossible days possible,
Makes happy days happier.

The special places of those attending the group.

To step inside my greenhouse
And feel the warmth and humidity
See the new life coming forth in the seed trays
And on a clear night to look up at the sky and stars
Wondering at the vastness of it all and feeling very small
In my greenhouse, pleasure and contentment.

The Willows in Monet’s Garden

Gentle dappled, green peace
Enclosed greenness with movement of leaves

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