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Tamari and Shoyu

You will often see Tamari or Shoyu in our recipes, we use them to replace salt - traditionally brewed soy sauces are an ideal replacement for and an improvement over salt.

Tamari literally means liquid pressed from soybeans. It is wheat free and brewed from whole soybeans, sea salt, water, and koji (mould spores that when exposed to moisture begin growing, giving rise to unique enzymes that create the fermentation process). Originally Tamari was the thick brown liquid that pooled in casks of fermenting miso (soybeans, grain, salt, mould culture aged in vats).

Tamari was a rare delicacy reserved for special occasions until producers learned to brew tamari as a liquid soy sauce with similar characteristics to miso.

Tamari, with its stronger flavour, is traditionally used to season longer cooking food like soups, stews, and baked dishes. Tamari should be used sparingly due to its strong flavour.

Shoyu is the Japanese word for soy sauce made of soybeans, roasted wheat, sea salt, and koji. This is all-purpose cooking condiment has been made since the 1600s in Japan. Shoyu's quality is its strong ability to harmonize and enhance the flavour of foods.

Both tamari and shoyu are good in marinades and salad dressing, to flavour grilled food, as condiments or dipping sauce. Neither should be limited to any particular type of food because they are far too tasty and versatile.

Marilyn Willwohl

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