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Is Organic Food Healthier

But is organic food really better for us. Well, a couple of years ago US scientists investigated the presence of pesticide residues on organic and conventionally grown fruit and vegetables. The results were very clear. The conventionally grown plants had 6 times as much of these residues on them as the organically grown ones. The message is also clear, if you want to avoid pesticides and their mainly unknown long-term health effects then eat organic.

In another study last year on nutrient content the organic plants had higher levels of all the nutrients measured, according to a spokesman for the Soil Association.

More recently organic meat and milk have been shown to have higher levels of omega 3 essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid.

Despite all this evidence the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) says ‘there is no benefits to be gained by eating organic food’. What more evidence do they need?

Extracted from an article by Kate Ravilious in Life a weekly produced by the Guardian in collaboration with the Science Journal- Nature.

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