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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

One thing we can do to improve our quality of life, support health and well being is to eat well. At this time of year many fruit and vegetables are in season, at nature’s best.

Locally grown produce is the freshest possible and during these summer months we can enjoy crop grown in the UK.

Following the Bristol Cancer Help Centre advice try to -

Have at least 8 to 10 portions a day with at least 5 vegetable portions and 3 of fruit.

Have some raw, some lightly steamed and some baked.

Have organic when available and budget allows. Eating organic limits exposure to harmful pesticides and hormones. (It is said rinsing in water with a small amount of vinegar removes traces of pesticides).

‘Eat a variety of vegetables and fruit in a rainbow of colours to ensure a wide variety of nutrients’.

Marilyn Willwohl

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