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Living the Balanced Life

As a teenager I was profoundly influenced in my thinking by the leader of the Methodist Church Youth Club that I attended in the east end of London.

He was a Methodist Lay Preacher and one talk that he gave to us at the Youth Club was on “Living the Balanced Life”.

The balance to which he was referring was between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. He considered that we achieved a sense of happiness when we get the balanced right.

He put it into practice in his own life. In his forties he could run rings around us on the football field and in the boxing ring he was virtually impossible to hit. He also worked as a gas fitter.

He was very widely read and could talk on virtually every subject that we as teenagers raised.

He got his spiritual side of life through his religious beliefs but also and through he relationships with his family and friends.

Personally I would add in - having a good diet to the physical side of our lives - our relationship with nature to the spiritual side of things and in more generally terms ‘having a a sense of purpose’ in life. That youth club leader who influenced me certainly had a sense of purpose.

Happiness is about getting the balance right between the physical, mental and social / spiritual; aspect of our lives. When it isn’t right we leave ourselves open to anxiety, depression and these in turn make us more susceptible to ill health.

Colin Sutherland

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